Днепропетровское областное общество

Ассоциации филателистов Украины

Ответ FEPA


The FEPA Board met on 2 March 2022 to consider its position regarding the conflict in Ukraine initiated by the Russian Federation and Belarus.

It has agreed the following points:

1. FEPA is a non-political organisation dedicated to promoting cooperation between its Members in the belief that philately brings people together. It does not exercise control over its Members or organise events independently of them, and its function is purely advisory.

2. However, FEPA exists to coordinate and represent the views of its Members and consequently the Board feels compelled to express the overwhelming sense of horror and dismay among its Members at the truly exceptional situation created by the aggressive actions currently underway in Ukraine. It offers its deepest sympathy to all the victims of this conflict.

3. Decisions on suspension or termination of membership can only be made by the FEPA Congress. However, the Board can make recommendations to its Members on immediate actions they should consider to demonstrate their determination that the aggression in Ukraine is not acceptable.

4. The Board’s recommendation to its Members is that they should not permit participation from Russia and Belarus of any kind in their philatelic events for the foreseeable future.

5. The Board regrets deeply that this may disadvantage philatelists in Russia and Belarus, but it is clear that FEPA cannot appear in any way to condone the aggressive actions in Ukraine.

6. The Board will keep the position under close review in the light of events.

Igor Pirc Secretary General

3 March 2022